The Worthy Woman

A Nurturing Experience To Help You
Know You Are Worthy And Live Accordingly

Beautiful one, it’s time…

Time to let go of people pleasing and perfectionism.
Time to embrace self-kindness and self-acceptance.
Time to live in a way that honours your desires and needs.

Are you ready to uncover and rediscover your worthy woman within so that you live with deeper contentment, courage and confidence?
The Worthy Woman is a 12 week group program launching in 2024 that’s going to help you do just that.

During our time together you will anchor into the understanding that your happiness matters.
You’ll learn ways to set healthy boundaries and practice daily savouring and self-care.
You’ll expand your feelings of self-acceptance, self-trust and self-belief.

The Worthy Woman will take place online with a small group of women and within a supportive, nurturing container.  Combining circle principles with coaching techniques, you’ll be provided with an enriching and unique experience.

The Worthy Woman Will Include:

6 x Modules delivered in bite-size audio lessons.
6 x Mini workbooks to accompany each module.
6 x Online group calls.
2 x  Recorded meditations
Additional bonuses and surprises!

The Worthy Woman has been designed to feel spacious and soothing whilst still being impactful.
Done within a group setting, our intentions will be amplified.
We will learn from each other, support one another and grow together.
I can’t wait to begin this journey and I hope you’ll consider joining me.

The Worthy Woman is launching in 2024.  If it sounds like something that might be supportive to you I invite you to add your name to the interest list by filling in the form below.  This won’t mean you’re committed in any way, it just means that you’ll be the first to know all the details and have access to a very special launch price.


If The Worthy Woman sounds like it might be supportive to you I invite you to add your name to the interest list and you’ll receive all the information as soon as it’s released, including the very special launch price.