I can honestly say that coaching with Kerry has been the best investment in my life. 

Kerry has a unique ability to be completely present.  In our sessions she effortlessly identified exactly what my needs were to reach my goals, as well as to work on my shadows. Through Kerry’s unbelievably amazing skill and guidance, I have come leaps and bounds and achieved wonderful results in all areas of my life, in such a short period of time.

I went from feeling stuck to feeling courageous and confident.  I learnt to be still and listen to my intuition.  I am now moving through life with intention, self-trust and self-compassion.  I am creating my beautiful best life, prioritising self-care, and giving myself time to do the things that serve me.  Most importantly, I have found myself again and I love who I am! 

Throughout our time together Kerry offered incredible support, encouragement and kindness, and the ability to see the best in me.  I could not have made such amazing progress without her.  I am eternally grateful to have been coached by such a wisdom holder!

‘Highly recommended’ would be an understatement.  If you can, I encourage you to give yourself the gift of being coached by this talented, beautiful and amazing woman!

Hannah Schouten

Kerry is a superb coach.  She has the most beautiful way about her – a lovely caring, considered and open manner.  Kerry constantly encourages and supports, and was fabulous at lovingly reflecting back to me what I’d said in a way that made me look at things differently.

When I first approached Kerry I was confused and unclear about what I really wanted to achieve.  I felt my concerns were too vague to really be able to do anything with.  But the goals we developed and the action steps I undertook proved to be transformative.  I now have a completely different view on my future, and it is so exciting!  I have more confidence and belief in myself and have left behind my fears and unfounded worries. 

My life has changed in such positive ways.  I’m setting up my own business (which is something I never, ever thought I would do) and following my passions.  I’m thrilled with the prospect of what lies ahead for me and the possibilities that I can now see, and all because of Kerry’s coaching.

Kerry is truly a phenomenal coach.  Wisdom just flows out of her mouth in the most beautiful and kind words, and it all makes so much sense.  I can’t recommend Kerry enough – she really has a gift. 

Karen Maggs

Coaching with Kerry really brought this quote by Maya Angelou to life for me: “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty”.  The time with her was uplifting, shifting and directional.

When we began, I was at a crossroads in my career.  I now have clarity on what I value as well as potential options to explore further.  Coaching helped give me new perspective. It gave me focus again, which I’m truly grateful for, and the impetus to make changes.

The pace and coaching skills Kerry demonstrated were all perfect and just what I needed.  The regular two week sessions were invaluable in holding me to account.  During our 3 months together I gained more confidence and clarity, and also the courage to move out my comfort zone and start changing things for the better both personally and professionally. 

I have huge respect for Kerry and am grateful for this wonderful timely experience with such an amazing person and coach!

Loren Hutton

My experience with Kerry was enlightening and transformative.  Our 3 months together helped me learn and grow in amazing and beautiful ways and I will carry what I learnt from her, the process and myself throughout the rest of my life.

When I first began life coaching, I felt highly stressed and as though I never had any opportunities or free time to look after myself.  I was hoping to reduce stress, increase confidence, build a positive and essential self-care regime and include spiritual practices into my daily life.

Through our 3 months together I have progressed in so many beneficial and transformative ways.  I have gained confidence and strength and feel assured in everything I do.  I have a positive, peaceful, brighter and calmer energy.  I move through every day with ease and limited stress and get comments every week from people I know saying how calm and peaceful I seem.

Kerry is loving and encouraging. She helped me realise so much about myself and my strengths that I did not realise before.  Through the right assistance and support a person can really develop and transform in a short space of time, as I have in these 3 months.

Melanie Laurie

Kerry was an enormous support to me during a very challenging period in my life.  As a Kinesiologist I’m used to helping others and have many of my own self-help tools, however I got to a point where I needed more and that is where Kerry came in.  Being able to sit in the presence of someone who holds you with both compassion and non-judgement is a powerfully safe space to unpack and contemplate all your troubles, fears, doubts and concerns.

I had several sessions with Kerry where she reflected back to me really insightful, intelligent and intuitive considerations and comments.  She is able to see beyond your actual words to something deeper, unravelling it all until you arrive at the core of the issue.  From there she will guide you to practical actions and solutions, which is what we need in order to change our current situation.

Kerry helped me see the wood for the trees, reminded me of what was important and gave me nuggets of wisdom that I still think about and use to this day.  I always felt lighter, heard and supported after our sessions together.  I am forever grateful for the presence and guidance she provided me with. 

Claire Tait

Where Kerry’s true gifts lie are in her razor sharp incisiveness to cut through all my stories and see my unique gifts.  She sees the best in me at ALL times, and intuitively knows when and how to share it with sensitivity and utter conviction.

Kerry has the eloquence and endless generosity to deep dive and unpacks things so that I feel utterly bolstered by her words that are then incorporated into my being – as if they came from me originally and she just held the mirror up for me to truly see when I couldn’t (or wouldn’t!).  Her talents run far deeper than her vast and varied training and qualifications.

I believe coaching others is Kerry’s Dharma, her reason for being on this planet and to evolve humanity and hold us with crystal clear vision and compassion along the way.  Her presence in your life can only be a rare and treasured gift.

Lisa Parnell

Kerry is one of the most supportive and generous women I know with her care and regard for others – she has coached me through several business decisions and I recommend her with all my heart.

Misa Min Carroll